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*This is a national program based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Please note that advance scheduling is required.*

As of 2018, over 275,000 students and adults from British Columbia to Ontario and the United States  have witnessed, first hand, the impact Danae’s Song has had on the viewer.

This "reality-based" presentation is a 90 minute long tribute to the life and death of Danae Ashton Grace Dupuis.  Sixteen year old , Danae, was the front seat passenger, killed in a drunk driving collision on October 3rd, 2000.

​Danae's Song is unlike anything you've seen before.  It presents a new perspective to impaired driving issues facing young people and adults today.  It also touches on texting and stunt driving, bullying, suicide, drug use and eating disorders.

This public awareness program is phenomenal as Cheryl (Danae's mom) passionately reaches out to share the WHOLE story of Danae's life and death.

From birth to adolescence, she will take you on a journey into a parent's worst nightmare.  You will experience the desperate emotions of a mother, described in detail.  From the phone call, to the hospital nightmare, and finally, to the cemetery, you will witness the entire tragedy from a mother's perspective.

Near the end of the program, Cheryl will display the sheared clothing that Danae wore the night of the accident.  Students, just having met Danae, will now begin to grieve her loss.  They will identify Cheryl with their own mothers as she becomes their voice.

Danae's Song features 2 videos and chronicles Danae's life and death.  Police photos of the vehicles involved and Danae in the casket are a shocking reality of the aftermath created by one bad decision.

Everyone is encouraged to view the displays (family photos), ask questions, talk or share a story or hug with Cheryl following the program.

Danae's Song is available for schools, community programs, youth groups, churches and evening presentations.

It's a program you won't forget!

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