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“The Saskatoon Police Service Chief’s Award for Community Service is awarded for outstanding service to our community promoting Danae’s Song.  Their tireless efforts in making known the tragic consequences of drinking and driving to schools and community groups throughout the province is a testament to the personal sacrifice they all experienced… The Chief’s Award for Community Service is presented to an individual or group that is involved in outstanding community service in aid of public safety and the Saskatoon Police Service. The participants of Danae’s Song have most definitely qualified for this governing criterion and have proven themselves pillars to the community.

Russell L.Sabo
Former Chief of Police


"…Danae’s Song was probably the most significant presentation our students have seen. At first, we were unsure if a presentation an hour and a half long would sustain the interest of the students. As the presentation progressed, there proved to be no problem with maintaining anyone’s attention…By the time Cheryl, Danae’s mom, finished her talk, everyone in the gym had come to know Danae in a very personal way. Danae’s choice to get in the car with a driver who had been drinking was one every listener regretted…I believe that this presentation is well sponsored and that all teenagers should have the opportunity to listen to such a worth while message. Our school and community feels blessed for having had the experience.

Geralyn J. Hall, Principal
St. Mary High School
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan


“I am pleased to endorse what I personally think is the best orchestrated presentation aimed at drunk driving prevention…several hundred students sat motionless and spell bound listening to a nightmare that became a reality in October 2000 for Danae’s family…they heard how a mother says goodbye to a brain dead daughter before undergoing surgery to donate her organs…they heard how it all could have been prevented.”

Steve Shannon                                        
Community Relations Director
(CJWW, HOT 93, MAGIC 98 Radio)
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


“As if the presentation was not powerful enough, my younger sister passed away the evening of your presentation (she had been diagnosed with cancer just 4 weeks before). My wife and I are guardians of a 15 year old who saw her dad commit suicide and her mom has completely rejected her. Social Services moved in because the household was no longer safe for her. Our 15 year old girl was very shaken by your words because you shared the deep love of a mother that she has never felt-it was as if she was burying her mother. It has opened new doors of discussion for her that have never taken place before. She has been in counselling for the last few months, so your speech has opened doors for her for to reveal her deep hurt. I know she will come to the point at sometime in her life to forgive her mom and dad. I believe you have helped in a way that no one could have thought of. (I am so grateful that you were here.) I believe that the lord is helping her to understand what love looks like from a parents viewpoint and it is our hope that she sees the love my wife and I have for her.(I think God knew we were not ready for empty nest syndrome so he made us “teenage" parents again!) Please continue with your message- it opens up wounds every time in your heart, yet I believe that your mission is what all adults should do: reach out to the younger ones.”

Brian, Teacher
Calgary, Alberta


“I have worked in Traffic section for many years. My squads primary function is to attend and investigate all fatal and serious injury collisions. Needless to say, I have been to the scene of more serious collisions than I care to remember…I am not easily impressed by lectures or scare tactics, however I am impressed with your presentation…If your program doesn’t dissuade people from drinking and driving, nothing short of handcuffs will.”

Sgt. Lary Noel
Edmonton Police Service Traffic Section
Edmonton, Alberta


“ Cheryl captured the attention of students immediately and kept it for for the next 90 minutes. Students could relate to what they shared because Danae was just like them, young, beautiful (inside and out), talented, adventurous, and struggling with choices and decisions that will affect not only their own life, but also the lives of those around them, especially family and friends that cherish them. The sharing of Danae’s life through photos/videos, music, laughter, and tears & silence touched students and adults that many felt could never be reached.”

Brenda, SADD Advisor
West Fargo, ND

As of Spring 2011, over 125,000 students and adults from British Columbia to Ontario and the United States  have witnessed, first hand, the impact Danae’s Song has had on the viewer. The comments they sent in,, speak for themselves.

“Your presentation touched me in a way I have never been touched before. It made me think about all the stupid things and risks I had taken. I realized that you only do stupid things when you hang around with certain people… I have never believe my mom and friends that it was only a friend talking me into doing stupid things…I had never thought of the consequences at the time… I know that now I will make the right decisions.”

“…I used to be a hard drinker. I used to go to school drunk and would never do anything in school. I was failing and had little or no friends, because I was such a bad person when I was drunk. After I saw the presentation a year ago, it made me think about what my life was going to become… I thought that could be me in that coffin. That scared me so much I gave it all up. Now, I have a clear head about things and I am on the honour roll, graduating out of grade 12 this year. I couldn’t have done this without the support of my parents, friends and other loved ones.”

“…You could hear a pin drop. There was not a person in attendance who was not touched. While I listened to you speak, I cried, as did those around me. Everyone can in some manner, relate to your daughter, even if it is in a very distant way… Your story was so great to hear, because, we as grade 12 students, can relate so easily. That would have been anyone of us in Danae’s Story…”

“… I still Can’t get over the assembly you gave at our school . It really touched everybody. I have noticed a lot of people that I know that used to drink and drive don’t do that anymore. They always bring taxis home. Thank you so much for helping them realize that what they were doing was so stupid.”

“Ive got some good news…I’m joining SADD at my school. Remember I told you that SADD was considered sort of an “uncool” thing to do at our school? Well, I was thinking it would be a great idea for my senior year to rally up a bunch of my friends and join SADD! I’m just sick of doing something because of what someone else might think of it. So, Im super excited about it. I know it will be a lot of fun with all the people I got to join.”

“I am 17 years old…I started to drink (with my cousin) when I was 14 or 15…I thought it was cool to be with my older cousin and drinking…I started to drink everyday, going to school drunk, driving with my cousin and his friends drunk…then it started getting boring so I started weed. I was a role model for lots of kids in school. When I heard about Danae a year ago it was scary…what was I doing?…I should smarten up…that will be me if I don’t do something about it… I stopped drinking and smoking weed for a year now…Yeah, I might have lost a couple of friends but, yeah, I saved my own life and some others.”

“… Two years ago now, you came and gave us the Danae’s Song presentation…Last night I was at a party and my friends were all drinking. The apparent designated driver was drinking. I have your little website card in my wallet and I opened it right before I got into that car. I looked at the card and I thought. I closed the door and walked away…."